Very first, we would like to thank and express our love and gratitude to the Loving Father God, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for their Grace, Mercy, Compassion, Love and Faithfulness in our life. We were in the ditches of the darkest time and the difficult situation when the Lord Jesus Christ had shown the Mercy, Love & Compassion from taking us out from the darkness and bringing into the light by saving our life’s! Today, if we are alive that’s is because of the Love, Mercy and Compassion on me and my whole family by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What an awesome relationship we have with the Loving Father God, Graceful Lord Jesus Christ and Comforter Counsellor the Holy Spirit; we have in our life through the precious Word of the God in the Bible! It’s been a wonderful relationship we are having in our journey with the Loving Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!

Myself is the servant of the God, growing in the Word of the God, learning discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ, obedient to the Lord’s Word, serving the Lord, having various gifts from the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for the Kingdom of God!

Our Mentors & Prayer partner: Rev.Dr. (Retd. As Chairman and Managing Director after serving 31 Years, then Lord Jesus Christ lead to serve and he served as Rev. Pastor and now leading Prayerful life)

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