The children grow in many different upbringings with different DNA, various parental habits, school surroundings and society. However there are no standard guidelines, we have tried to capture few bullet points, which could help in advancing the kids to youth. As we all are the children of the Infinite sovereign invisible loving father God who has made the heavens, earth, sun, moon, stars, nature, rivers, forests and all we see around us. therefore, let us bring these points into our daily schedule and habits;

  • Give thanks and express gratitude to the loving God every day for the nature, our good health, family, mother, father, spouse, brother, sisters, children, their studies, jobs, business, good life and for the breathe we have.
  • Make a habit of doing all works by our hands whether we are reading, writing, office work, help children in their work, computer work, cooking, serving, cleaning, preaching, praise and worship, cell group meetings, teaching, laundry and cleaning dishes.
  • Mind your own business (Let other people say what they want to say about you or think about you). Just smile and be happy and head on.
  • Lead quite full life, be in silent and speak only when it is required.
  • Have fellowship and work with the Holy Spirit and the Word of the God.
  • Prophesy – Lords people who follow the Word of the God shall be in good position.
  • Work even in prison (prisons are small places or positions we have to work in our life; some time in difficult situations)
  • Always pray for other people and regularly.
  1. Always pray for and maintain love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness & self-control.
  1. Always help other people and serve them
  1. Do fasting and pray and give that day food to needy people.
  1. Share the Gospel good news with your friends and relatives
  1. Daily praise, worship, read the word of the God and Pray together with your family in the name of the Lord Jesus.
  1. Don’t look at people who do wrong to you, do good for evil.
  1. Always do good for evil and pray for them
  1. Always pray I am the child of the God and God loves me unconditionally
  1. Always pray I am difficult to offend
  1. Always pray I can do everything through Lord Jesus
  • Always pray I am content and emotionally stable
  • Always pray I trust the God completely and there is no need to worry
  • Always pray I love people and enjoy helping them
  • Always pray I will not live in fear
  • Always pray the God meets all my needs abundantly
  • Always pray I pursue peace with the God, myself and others
  • Always pray I live in present and enjoy every moment
  • Always pray I put the God first in my life
  • Just deal the people with love and mercy who wrong you
  • Deal the money judicially and wisely
  • Just listen the people actively with attention, peace and try to understand their emotions
  • Be humble with all especially with women, elders and children’s
  • In difficult situations; always thanks the God that He is with you and helping you to come out of the situation. Please have patience and perseverance so we could be mature in the Lord Jesus.
  • Always pray for Country Leaders, Church Pastors, Leaders, Parents, Elders, Brothers and Sisters, children’s and grandchildren’s.
  • Romans 16:16 – After we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour, we become slave to righteousness automatically. This is not because of our efforts but because we have new Spirit in us identical to the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • 1 Peter 2:9 now you are chosen people, ambassadors of Christ, royal priesthood a holy people belonging to the God, a holy nation, saved from the darkness and brought into the light; to glorify the name of Lord Jesus Christ always.
  • Whenever feel tired, agitated, frustrated, stressed, anxious, and angry; just worship and pray quietly and relax.
  • We are here on earth for the purpose of this life to live abundantly as the Lord Jesus said (John 10:10) that the thief of this world is there to steal (Your joy because of sickness, problems, jobs, depression, broken relations), kill (accidents, rash driving’s, suicides), and destroy.

But Lord Jesus has come to give abundant life of Love, Grace, Joy, Peace, relationships, Prosperity, Good health and Salvation; the Eternal life in Heaven with the Lord Jesus! Let’s Pray

O loving Father God, we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Lord Jesus Christ is your risen son. Therefore, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Saviour. Amen!

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