1. The Leader must have vision and to bring eternal vision into action. Vision can only be brought into action through passion
  2. Leader should reproduce leaders (Reproduce yourself- Example Moses reproduced Jushua)
  3. Leader see differently same as the God see differently when choosing the people like many examples from Bible like David being as shepherd.
  4. God does not see your skills or personality but looks at the willing heart for the God. If the heart is ready and willing; all other things the God shall provide.
  5. Some Leaders don’t pass the delegation of responsibilities to others because they don’t see like the God and don’t have the Vision.
  6. Great things always comes in small packages (Suppose we are starting Ministry it may start from  5/10/15 people and then by the Grace of the God it grows)
  7. The Leaders has to be like the eagles flying above all the birds and having vision from the top to the smallest thing on the ground target. And not like the chickens looking for small things here and there on the ground.
  8. The Leadership is all about fulfilling Gods Purpose & Our Vision and helping other leaders to fulfill their dreams and vision.
  9. The Leader should me the man of NOW (We should live in NOW!). You may have big responsibility but take action and do it now (Live for NOW!)
  10. The God shall never put Leader in place of blessings for others as procrastination; but the God will put you in a place as blessings for others if Leaders Act NOW!
  11. Every person is important in your life especially people living with you (wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters and church congregation). Life is only about serving the People.
  12. The God says be focused on the people I have given to you (Be a man of NOW)!
  13. The Leader must have a secure mind means able to control his own mind first. Otherwise how he will be able to control others?
  14. First sign of INSECURE MIND is like pleasing others saying Yes-Yes to every and each one. Looking reasons to contact to other people to please them. (the leader has to learn to speak clearly that they can speak directly to people without any reasons also)
  15. Don’t compromise on your own principles; Never execrate for anything even preaching. Also don’t twist something which people already knows, don’t justify yourself.
  16. The God had chosen you to be the Leader.
  17. Being Leader always remember your part (it doesn’t mean you remember your past mistakes, your guilt; but from where you came and now where the God is heading your life and where you are NOW!). It is all about NOW!
  18.  The Leader should have strong determinations never quit anytime; and if the God gave you some vision and did not happen few years. Pray about it; ask your counselors and mentors to pray about is, have confirmation and allow the God to let it be passed according to the God’s timings.
  19. The Leader has to be self-motivating / motivator and correct himself
  20. Move Strongly; but Win Slowly
  1. Start with one person, one place strongly and let other hundred people come and follow you.
  2. Start with small group; play music, worship, preach and start
  3. The Lord Jesus only asked us to be humble and meek
  4. Humble means we are Servant Leaders / Godly leaders / or Humble Heart / Servant Heart / Humble Attitude
  5. To have Love for the People
  6. There is not always Black & White but there are times; when things are Grey; be compromising with People; not right or wrong.
  7. The Leader or Minister without the heart will be tired that is performance.

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