1. You pray about what you can do for God, rather than how your heart is doing: your desires, worries and fears.

We often put our worries to the side when we pray. But, the most powerful prayer comes from intimacy, emotional honesty and letting God love you.

Soul Care Tip: Write a letter to Jesus. Confide in the One who calls you beloved.

Grab a piece of paper and start writing about what’s important to you, how you’re feeling, and your worries. You’ll feel better!

Studies show you don’t have to “keep a journal” to reap the benefits of writing. Research shows just 15 minutes of expressive writing makes a difference, leading to behavioural changes and improving happiness.

(1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxieties on the Lord, for he cares for you.”)

2. You are always planning and thinking ahead, but experiencing God’s grace comes only one day at a time.

Our culture trains us to plan ahead. But, when it comes to parenting, marriage, and friendships, people are not plans. Hearts are more like gardens to nurture with grace. One day a time. We plant seeds and fruit grows slowly, nurtured with faith and patience, instead of stress and coercion.

Soul Care Tip: Pray this prayer for grace:

Hold onto me, God.
Thank you for never letting me go.

(Psalm 143:8 “Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you.”)

Whatever’s happening this week, hold onto God’s hand. He’s not letting go of you. He’s walking into every situation you’re facing, with you. Ask for the strength to do what you must do, just for this one next step. Trust He will provide what comes next. Jesus will not abandon you. You are His beloved.

3. Your strengths are being reliable and responsible, but you find it difficult to ask for help.

Soul Care Tip: Pray this prayer for help:

Help me, Jesus.
Thank you for the gentle ways you love me.

Psalm 86:13 “for your love for me is very great. You have rescued me from the depths of death” 

Psalm 18:3536 You have given me your shield of victory. Your right hand supports me; your help has made me great.

We may not know the way but the God who loves you not only knows the way – He intimately knows your way. No matter what, He will lead you all the way.

4. You are good at performing, but God wants your heart, more than your work. God sees what your soul needs is to be known and loved.

We stress when we hide our hearts and go into survival mode, going through our checklists and ignoring what we need most: love.

Soul Care Tip: Pray this prayer for courage:

Dear Jesus,
we worry about too many things.
Give me the courage to lay down burdens You never intended me to own.
Give me the courage to choose what’s better for me today— to simply rest.
I choose You. Amen.

Deuteronomy 33:12-13 “Moses said this about the tribe of Benjamin: “The people of Benjamin are loved by the LORD and live in safety beside him. He surrounds them continuously and preserves them from every harm.” [13] Moses said this about the tribes of Joseph: “May their land be blessed by the LORD with the precious gift of dew from the heavens and water from beneath the earth;” 

Don’t wait until your life is stress-free before spending time on what really matters to God: loving your heart. Let Jesus hold you and your worries together so you can take a break and choose what’s better: feeding your soul.  Be renewed. Be loved.

O loving Father God, we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Lord Jesus Christ is your risen son. Therefore, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior. Amen!

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